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Amazon presents cheap Smart TVs

In partnership with Grundig, Amazon presented the first Smart TVs with native Fire OS in Germany during IFA 2019. The two higher-priced models are based on the simple name “Grundig OLED – Fire TV Edition”.

At the start of the IFA 2019, Amazon held an Event under the Banner of “Fire TV”and presented an entire surge of Hardware for the European Space. For the first time ever in Germany, the operating system “Fire OS”, known only by “Amazon Fire TV” devices such as the Fire TV Stick, is also used on TVs without additional Hardware.

Amazon TV Fire OS

In this country Amazon has developed the TV devices together with Grundig. Formerly a traditional German company, Grundig now belongs to the Turkish company “Ar├želik” and is especially known for medium-priced TVs. The new “Grundig OLED-Fire TV Edition” models are also relatively cheap for their equipment.

Amazon OLED Fire TV Edition: Two models, two sizes

Amazon introduced Grundig to two OLED TVs that are moving in the higher-priced Segment, but still remain attractive in terms of price/performance. Although there are some subtle differences between the two models, all of the OLED-Smart-TV-devices, but offer a 4K UHD resolution, HDR10, and HLG. With the screen diagonal you can choose between 55 inches and 65 inches. Both TVs have a Triple Tuner that integrates Live television via antenna (DVB-T2 HD), satellite (DVB-S2) and cable (DVB-C) seamlessly into the Smart-TV experience with Alexa. An Alexa Voice Remote is also included.

Amazon OLED Fire TV Edition: Hands-Free operation with projection

The”Hands-Free with Alexa” Version of the Fire TV is the top model of the Grundig series, which comprises a total of 11 devices. It stands out above all by the fact that a total of eight remote-field microphones are installed on the Front panel, which allow a control completely without remote control. Thus, the TV experience can only be conducted with the help of Alexa. In Apps supported for the start of sales of the services, Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, ZDF, and Zattoo. Third-party applications, such as ARD, ARTE, ProSieben and TV NOW will follow in 2019. For the time being, Dolby Vision is only activated on the Hands-Free model at the start of sales.

Amazon TV Fire OS

The slightly cheaper Option with Alexa-voice remote control, waives the special microphone technique. At the touch of a button on the remote control, the user interface can also be operated via the user’s own voice. Dolby Vision is supported, but must be included in an Update after the official launch of the devices.

Amazon OLED Fire TV Edition: launch, price and availability

Currently, the “Amazon OLED-Fire TV Edition”in both versions can already be pre-ordered on Amazon. Who secures the”Hands-Free with Alexa” version early, also gets a Smart “Ring Video Doorbell 2″for a short time free*. If you don’t want to wait, you can reach the model with a simple remote control, which will be released on 28 October 2019. The Hands-Free Version starts a few weeks later, on 21. November, 2019, in the sale.

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